Stuart in the studio with artists, and some interviews & lectures

Beyoncé - Self-Titled, Part 3

In Jungle City Studios recording Drunk n Luv with B, Jay, and Timbaland.... Jay had just finished Magna Carta across the hall with Timbaland and he was on fire. We all proceeded to get drunk in the studio after the session...too much fun. surfboard 

Beyoncé - Self-Titled, Part 3

In the studio recording Rocket with the Queen, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, and Pharrell.... that was a magical day I will never forget....

Stuart White on Psychedelic Mixing & Layering Effects

Doing a 2 hour lecture at Mixcon Brooklyn after being up for 30 hours straight mixing.....Sugar free Red Bull and adrenaline to the rescue :) I had so much fun! I really want to be an educator one day :)

Stuart White on Psychedelic Mixing & Layering Effects

Pensado’s place interview! Milestone :) it’s like winning a Grammy :) Respect to Herb and Dave for creating such a great resource of knowledge for the culture! #eraoftheengineer

Alicia Keys - Choir Recording How It Feels To Fly

Recording a choir at 1am at Pie studios in Glen Cove Long Island with my old boss Alicia Keys.... mic setup was 2 vintage Neumann tube U47s Left and Right, 1 vintage Neumann Fet47 center and two vintage Coles 4038s in a blumlein configuration sitting a ways back in center.... all mics running through a Neve 8078, and I'm using a Vinatge Fairchild, and a couple RCA BA6As for some lovely compresion!! ...... Peas and Carrots!

stuart grammy.jpg

Stuart winning a grammy

for Best Urban Contemporary Art Album

for his work as an Engineer/Mixer on Lemonade in 2016